Ethics and Business Philosophy


We are a trusted company that leads by example in our industry.

Through our guarantee to be transparent and ethical, Iniskim International will continue to apply best practices as the company grows.

Our promise is to continue to create positive relationships and environments for our workers, our customers, and our communities. The integrity of our work and high ethical business standards are at the forefront in our daily business practice.

Ethics hero back
Ethics hero front
Ethics hero front

We employ and work with the highest quality people and strictly adhere to ethical and fair practices.

At Iniskim, we develop lasting relationships with all our vendors who we trust, have integrity, and who share our values.

We are also a competitive option in our industry for an unlimited supply of authentic gemstone grade Canadian Ammolite.

The quality of our Ammolite and Ammonite is exceptional.


Our promise is that Iniskim Ammolite is always ethically sourced from vendors who maintain environmental and ethical mining practices to the highest standards of sustainability.


We guarantee that our products are of exceptional quality and we are a leading source for gemstone-grade authentic Canadian Ammolite.


With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we strive to educate, lead and advocate best practices to source and supply Ammolite and Ammonite.


Authentic Iniskim Ammolite and Ammonite are certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage.

Upholding Ethical Standards in the Gemstone Industry

As a proud member of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), we’ve undergone the process of receiving ICA’s Ethical Member Accreditation – a recognition that demonstrates our duty to push the gemstone industry forward in the areas of ethical mining and responsible, sustainable trading.

As an ICA member who receives accreditation, it demonstrates a deeper comprehension of our responsibilities within the gem and jewelry supply chain. It is structured around key ICA and industry objectives, guiding participants through essential steps to enhance practices within our organization.

To follow these standards, we fulfill their duty of care but also contribute to the promotion of responsible sourcing practices throughout the industry.

Ammolite properties

Carefully inspected and graded, Iniskim Ammolite is guaranteed.

We recognize and use industry grading standards to determine a gemstone’s brilliance, variety of colour and clarity, intensity, and pattern.

Ammolite comes in four grades:

  • AAA (exquisite)
  • AA (extra fine)
  • A (fine)
  • standard

AAA is flawless, displaying three or more brilliant colours, and represents only the top 3% of Ammolite produced.
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A natural positive energy is deeply embedded in Ammolite.

Not only is the Ammolite gemstone recognized as a rare beauty, it is revered by Feng Shui enthusiasts and masters. Edward Li, internationally-recognized and renowned Feng Shui master, declared Ammolite as the most influential stone of the millennium.

The positive cosmic energy or qi (ch-ee) that is over 71-million-years in the making is found in the multitude of colours in Ammonite, where each of the seven colours signify new meaning.

About Ammonite

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