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Sharing our passion and expertise of Ammolite with the world

As a leading source of this truly unique gemstone, Iniskim International is proud to showcase Ammolite on a global scale. We share our passion and expertise of authentic Ammolite with the world and its unique origins and qualities. Through our blog, you can learn more about Ammolite, one of the rarest gemstones in the world, and our commitment to preserving its natural beauty and rich history.
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Museum-Quality: Unveiling the Significance of Canadian Ammonites

A bespoke Iniskim Ammonite specimen on display In the fascinating world of ancient treasures, Canadian.

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International women day - 8M

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Advocating for Equality

We believe in an equal voice for an equal future. As a female-led company, we.

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Ammolite Gemstones for sale

Explore the Unique Patterns of Canadian Gem-Quality Ammolite: A Journey into Nature’s Masterpiece

Welcome to our exploration of one of nature's most captivating marvels: Canadian gem-quality Ammolite. As.

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Happy Lunar New Year SQ

Embracing Lunar New Year 2024: Unlocking Feng Shui with Ammonite’s Radiant Energy

As we bid farewell to the tranquil Year of the Rabbit and usher in the.

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Doug Hucker ICA and INISKIM Amarjeet

ICA’s Impact on the Coloured Gemstone Industry

In the intricate world of coloured gemstones, the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) stands as.

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Team Iniskim and Yahir Rivero - AGTA Tucson Gem 2024

The Fascinating Experience of the AGTA Gemfair Tucson Show

Co-founders Amarjeet Grewal and Yahir Rivero with award-winning jewellery designer Llyn Strelau An AGTA Member.

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INISKIM happy holidays

Happy Holidays from Iniskim Ammolite

Reflecting on a Wonderful Year of Growth As we reflect on Iniskim Ammolite’s journey in.

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Spotlight on Sally Patel Founder and Owner of True Blue Opals

Community Profile: Spotlight on Sally Patel, Founder and Owner of True Blue Opals

Iridescent coloured gemstones are here to stay, and 2023 has continued to have a great.

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Ammolite investment mini 1

Ammolite as an Investment: An Emerging Gem

The beauty of coloured gemstones has long captured the attention of consumers, but investment-savvy buyers.

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Ammonite fossil mini

A Journey Through Time: How Ammonite Fossils Capture Millions of Years in Their Radiance

The celebrated history of colourful Ammolite is deeply embedded in the heritage and culture of.

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