71 Million Years in the Making: Ammolite Gemstone & Ammonite Fossil


71 Million Years in the Making: Ammolite Gemstone & Ammonite Fossil

Natural, brilliant, and rich in history – Iniskim is proud to celebrate the story of Ammonite and Ammolite globally in efforts to create awareness for the rare and unique fossil and gemstone. A million years in the making, the iridescent Ammonite and colourful Ammolite are quietly making waves amongst the rarest and most prized gemstones and fossils in the world. 

Recognized as the “sleeping beauty of the gem world” by National Geographic, Ammolite has only recently emerged as one of the most vibrant and distinct gemstones in the industry. At Iniskim, we are devoted to developing and growing Ammolite’s profile worldwide so people know, recognize, appreciate and desire this rare Canadian treasure. 

Distinct Ammolite Gemstone

The story of Ammolite is deeply embedded in Alberta and Canada’s heritage as it was first discovered by the Blackfoot Tribes of North America. Named “Buffalo Stone” or “Iniskim” with generations of folklore tales referring to Ammolite as a sacred stone that signified wealth and abundance to the people during dire times. 

The story behind Ammolite is as unique as Alberta’s identity:

  • 1962 – The first official documentation of the transformation of an Ammonite shell to gem material was recorded.
  • 1980 – Ammolite is first marketed worldwide, bringing the gemstone to light.
  • 1981 – Ammolite was officially classified as a true gemstone by the World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO) Colored Stones Commission – the last gemstone to be accepted in 300 years.
  • 2022 – Ammolite was named the official gemstone of the Province of Alberta.

Today, Iniskim is a leader in the Ammolite industry, showcasing the beauty and power of this naturally artful gemstone. Only a small amount of Ammolite specimens in Southern Alberta, Canada, are considered genuine gemstone-quality material. We supply authentic Canadian Ammolite, ethically sourced and certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage. 

Brilliant Ammonite

The only species of iridescent Ammonite fossil was formed over millions of years by tectonic pressure and mineralization and is found only in the Bearpaw Formation of Southern, Alberta. 

The perfectly preserved fossils of Ammonite (Placenticeras meeki, Placenticeras intercalare, and Baculites compressus) are the only specimens to display a kaleidoscope of iridescent rainbow colours – making them rare and incredibly valuable.

Adding to the intrigue of Ammonite, Feng Shui masters have acknowledged the fossil and gemstone for natural healing abilities, and the colours that attract and release powerful energy:

  • Red – Good luck, growth, and love 
  • Orange – Creativity and libido 
  • Yellow – Wealth and balance
  • Green – Wisdom and intellect 
  • Blue – Peace and health 
  • Purple – Power and growth 

We welcome you to celebrate genuine Canadian Ammolite stones and iridescent Ammonite fossils. With transparency, integrity, and ethical sourcing as a part of our core values, we ensure that Iniskim will continue to offer exceptional products without compromise. 

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