5 Interesting Facts About Ammolite Gemstone

Ammolite Gemstone

5 Interesting Facts About Ammolite Gemstone

Are you new to the story of the world’s most colourful gemstone? The natural strokes of deep blues and luscious violets, to sparkling green and fiery reds create the beauty that is Ammolite, captivating international attention. But, the gemstone is in its infancy compared to other coloured gemstones, only being awarded official gemstone status by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) in 1981. 

If you are new to Ammolite, it’s time to discover this rare gemstone and its origins from over 70 million years ago in the Bearspaw Sea in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Ammolite gemstones are transformed from Ammonite fossils, the iridescent fossils that have formed over time with the perfect combination of minerals, pressure, and temperature. Because of this natural occurrence, the Ammonite shells created the brilliant, stunning, and exotic Ammolite you see today.

Much of the world has yet to discover the beauty and rarity of genuine Ammolite gemstones and iridescent Ammonite fossils. As the popularity and demand for Ammolite increase, so does its value and the significance of preserving its history. 

We invite you to dive deeper to fully appreciate the rarity of this revered gem and fossil and celebrate its natural beauty. 

1. Unique to Alberta

During the Late Cretaceous period, Southern Alberta was a warm and shallow sea surrounded by tropical rainforests. Clay deposits and sediment brought in by rivers flowing from the west settled onto the sea floor, resulting in a rock formation that we now call the Bearpaw Formation.

The formation created the perfect condition for the fossilization of marine life, including mollusk-like creatures called ammonites. While ammonite fossils can be found in many places worldwide, the unique conditions in Alberta produced ammonite fossils but kept them preserved with stunning colours. 

Beyond the location for discovery, Ammolite has a rich and meaningful history that is deeply embedded with the Blackfoot Tribe of Alberta. Known as the Buffalo Stone or Iniskim, Ammolite is sacred and symbolizes the good fortune needed in the hunt to provide for the tribe’s prosperity and survival.

Due to Ammolite’s colourful, cultural, and economical impact in Alberta, the provincial government recognized it as Alberta’s official gemstone on April 22, 2022.

2. The World’s Rarest Gemstone

Part of Ammolite’s allure is that the true cause of its vivid colours remains a mystery. In other parts of the world, the shells of ammonite fossils have been destroyed over time and the preservation results in a reddish-brown colour. The unique findings of Ammonite fossils with the kaleidoscope of hues found in Southern Alberta are a wonder and sought-after because of its Opal-like aesthetic. 

Only here is the shell perfectly preserved and transformed into a brilliant gemstone with gem-quality fossil. Limited production and supply continue to make Ammolite one of the rarest gemstones in the world. 

3. Recognized by Feng Shui Masters

Feng Shui masters believe that Ammolite has absorbed an incredible amount of the Earth’s positive energies, known as qi (ch-ee), particularly with the Anmonite’s natural curved shape and spiral. It mimics the path the Universe follows in space and nature. 

The colours of the Ammonite and specific wavelengths can be used to invite balance in our lives, with each colour signifying a specific energy. 

Honoured as the “Seven Colour Prosperity Stone” due to its distinct array of colours:

  • Red – Nourishes love, passion, and romance
  • Orange – Fosters brilliance, creativity, confidence, and self-expression
  • Yellow – Invites wealth, health, and good luck
  • Green – Promotes balance, freedom, and exploration
  • Blue – Aids in health, insight, and learning
  • Purple – Enhances wisdom, peace, and growth
  • Violet – Brings fortune and spiritual insight 

The most sought-after Ammolite gemstone are ones that exhibit the full-colour spectrum, especially blue, violet, and purple.

4. Retrieving Iridescent Ammonite Shells is a Delicate Process

Unlike other fossils, retrieving perfectly preserved iridescent Ammonite shells is a hand process that heavy machinery cannot do. This is because the exquisite shell is fragile and must be handled with care when getting them out of the ground. 

When an iridescent Ammonite shell is detected, the use of heavy equipment stops because of the valuable nature of this fossil. Every centimetre of exposed shale is carefully observed and extracted. 

5. The Future of Ammolite is Bright

While Ammolite is considered a younger gemstone compared to other well-known gems, it is rapidly making waves across the industry. Ammolite’s value has increased exponentially over the past decade alone, and as it becomes more prevalent across the world, awareness, education, and preserving its true history are crucial.

At Iniskim International, we source only authentic, certified, and ethically-sourced gemstone-grade Ammolite. We guarantee the highest quality and competitive pricing with over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the Ammolite and Ammonite industry.

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