Happy Holidays from Iniskim Ammolite

Iniskim happy holidays

Happy Holidays from Iniskim Ammolite

Reflecting on a Wonderful Year of Growth

As we reflect on Iniskim Ammolite’s journey in 2023, we are reminded of how much there is to be proud of as the team continues to make waves in the Ammolite and gemstone industries. 

We’ve experienced our fair share of successes and challenges this year and it’s quite easy to lose track of what has been accomplished cumulatively within a short period. The key takeaway? To be present in the moment of each milestone and event so we can learn and grow for the future.

This is our opportunity to take a step back to recognize and appreciate all that we have accomplished in 2023 through persistence and hard work, and dedication and passion as we shared the story of Ammonite and Ammolite domestically and globally. 

Taking a brief pause to recollect ourselves, 2023 is the benchmark of brand self-discovery and navigating the industry as a young small business. There were challenges and opportunities along the way that came to fruition swiftly where it required us to be nimble. Adaptability and flexibility was key, and it will continue into the new year for Iniskim to make a stake in the industry.  

Here are a few highlights of the year that helped shape Iniskim Ammolite. 

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In the News

As a freshface for the Ammolite industry, and re-introducing a gemstone still in its infancy, sharing the authentic Canadian story about Ammonite and Ammolite was no small-feat. Ammolite is consistently compared to Opal with its play-of-color aesthetic and rarely recognized for its own beauty, history and properties, we saw an opportunity to reintroduce this beloved semi-precious gemstone to the world. 

Iniskim earned recognition in top publications including internationally-recognized Rapaport Jewelry Magazine, Gemworld International, and American Gem Society SPECTRA Magazine. With persistence, we secured coverage that has elevated Ammolite’s reputation as an organic, rare, and flourishing gemstone.  

This momentum will continue into 2024 as Iniskim will have a four-page feature in an upcoming issue with a reputable, industry publication titan that will be shared internationally.

A Spotlight on Ammonite and Ammolite Globally

There was no shortage of travel as we attended some of the most notable exhibitions in the jewellery and gemstone industry, including:

Each event brought different opportunities for Iniskim, but at the core of it, we value the ability to connect with like-minded professionals and create meaningful connections with industry colleagues, professionals and leaders who we admire. 

Exhibiting at SIJE in Singapore and showcasing Ammonite and Ammolite to a new audience was thrilling. Our President Amarjeet Grewal took to the stage and presented an educational seminar about Ammolite to VIP clients. 

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This has led to our most recent collaboration at a private  5-day event in Malaysia; we had an international platform to amplify our story to notable and influential clients and dignitaries. Amarjeet was given the opportunity to present two seminars during this time,and participate in a panel discussion about Gold and Ammolite investment. 

At Iniskim, collaboration is key because we are committed to partnering with top-tier talent that can help elevate Ammolite’s profile. To create diverse teams across our portfolio will help amplify the authentic Canadian story and fuel recognition for our colourful gemstone.

The Importance of Sustainability 

In 2023, the coloured gemstone and jewellery industry was hyper-focused on eco-responsibility, transparency and traceability. From the American Gem Society to JCK and World Jewellery Confederation – CIBJO, the conversation has accelerated.

At Iniskim, we acknowledge and are conscious of how this is demonstrated in the Ammolite industry, from mining, preparation and sourcing. Part of our efforts this year was to ensure that we shared our ethical practices and how we source our Ammolite and Ammonite. Receiving the International Colored Gemstone Association’s (ICA) Ethical Member Accreditation was only our first step to demonstrate our commitment to the gemstone industry. 

Every Iniskim Ammolite gemstone and Ammonite fossil can be traced back to our mining partner to ensure authenticity and quality. Our Ammolite is ethically mined and sourced, and we work with suppliers who share our commitment to responsible sourcing. This dedication is a value that Iniskim upholds to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible. It has been a core pillar for us from the beginning and will continue into 2024 and beyond.

Building Communities

We live, breathe, and love the communities that we are a part of. 

This has been part of our journey in 2023 to support the Ammolite industry as a whole. How did we accomplish this? Within the year, we connected with the broader coloured gemstone community and became associated members of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), International Colored Gemstone Association, Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA), and American Gem Society.

By joining these dignified and celebrated associations, we’ve worked with like-minded people who can make a change in our industry for the better. Not only do we bring awareness to Ammolite globally, but it also pushes us to seek more for our team and build on collaborations.

These partnerships have become the foundation for Iniskim’s approach to make the Ammolite industry more sustainable, responsible, innovative, and forward-thinking. And it signifies to customers that Iniskim is a reputable and ethical company.

Small Business Growth

Developing a small business has been no small feat even with our 30+ years of experience in the Ammolite industry. Our knowledge and connections are valuable, and we’ve come to enhance our platform with the support of our community. From ongoing advice, mentorship, and generosity of time, we’ve made leaps and bounds beyond what we anticipated for 2023. 

This year, we had an opportunity to attend two wonderful programs: 

  1. The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) Chinese E-Commerce Delegation
    In September, Iniskim participated in sessions learning more from e-commerce experts and how to grow our business globally. The importance of China and Canada relations continue to be at the forefront of Iniskim’s planning as we continue our overseas growth. 
  2.  The Calgary Economic Development Trade Accelerator Program
    In November, we were thrilled to be invited and attend TAP, Trade Accelerator Program, where we had the opportunity to network,  listen and share with like-minded businesses. The opportunity has given us an upper-hand in planning and strategizing our export plans as we enter into new markets in 2024 and beyond. On December 7, 2023, we received certification for completing the program successfully.
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We are fortunate for opportunities such as these to help grow Iniskim. Beyond attending an event, it is far more valuable for us to listen, learn and be inspired by others – this holds more weight than focusing on a bottom line.

As Iniskim continues to grow our business and brand, the options are limitless as we connect with new communities in our fair city of Calgary. 

Our developing story has been shared with the innovative and entrepreneurial community as Amarjeet also presented for Platform Calgary and Rainforest Alberta’s FoundersFuse Panel Discussion and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce’s session for Advancing Indigenous Entrepreneurs this past year. Through Amarjeet’s efforts with the Rotary Stampede, Iniskim as an extension has been able to give back and make positive, lasting change in our communities.

Our business approach for the future is to put ourselves out there and be part of the greater conversation — from innovation and tech, to coloured gemstones and jewellery, entrepreneurship and business, and everything in between. 2024 will be no exception. 

Ready to Take On 2024

As the year comes to a close, we at Iniskim would like to extend our warmest wishes to you during this festive season. In the spirit of joy and togetherness, we hope the holiday season fills your life with the same wonder and beauty that nature has given us with our precious Ammolite gemstone. 

Thank you for being a part of our cherished community and joining us on the #Iniskimjourney. We’re curious to see what the new year will bring, but are also enjoying each moment in between. We wish you joy and light as we bring 2023 to a close and embark on new and colourful adventures in 2024. 

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