Canada Day is a Time for Acknowledging & Celebrating our Diverse Country

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Canada Day is a Time for Acknowledging & Celebrating our Diverse Country

As Canada Day approaches, it’s important to reflect upon the history and heritage of this great nation. While the day is often associated with fireworks, barbecues, and celebrations, our team at Iniskim acknowledges and honours not only the Indigenous peoples who have inhabited these ancestral lands where we live, but also communities of immigrants that have contributed to Canada’s history and identity. Recognizing their contributions, preserving their cultures, and working towards reconciliation and understanding are of utmost importance. 

Acknowledging the Past

Canada Day provides an opportunity to reflect upon the deep-rooted injustices and systemic oppression that Indigenous and ethnically diverse communities have endured throughout history. We begin to foster a greater understanding and empathy by recognizing the pain and trauma experienced by Indigenous people and immigrants of Canada. It serves as a reminder that we must confront the uncomfortable truths of our shared past and work toward healing, reconciliation, and justice for all.

Here are a few ways to recognize Canada Day while supporting these marginalized communities:

  • Amplify their voices and stories
  • Supporting businesses and artists
  • Participate and recognize cultural celebrations
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue 
  • Actively support the rights of minority and underrepresented communities

By actively involving and listening to marginalized voices, we can foster a more inclusive and equitable society that values and respects the rights, histories, and traditions of Canadians from different cultures, ethnicities and religions.

Ammolite Gemstones: Proudly Canadian With Indigenous Roots


Ammolite gemstones proudly represent Canada’s geological heritage and embody the deep Indigenous roots within the country, serving as a unique symbol of the country’s natural beauty. Ammolite is an iridescent gemstone formed from the fossilized shells of extinct ammonite mollusks. 

These magnificent gemstones are found exclusively in the Bearpaw Formation in southern Alberta, making Canada the primary source of Ammolite worldwide. The gemstone’s vibrant colours, ranging from fiery reds to shimmering greens and brilliant blues, showcase the geological processes that took place over millions of years.

Ammolite’s Canadian origin gives it a special significance and pride for Canadians. It reflects the rich diversity and uniqueness of Canada’s natural resources. The gemstone’s connection to the prehistoric past and its rarity makes it highly sought after by collectors and jewellery enthusiasts worldwide. 

Recognized as a national treasure, Ammolite gemstones stand as a testament to the country’s remarkable natural wonders. 

Did you know that Ammolite is also recognized as the official gemstone of the Province of Alberta? It’s an important symbol of Alberta’s natural beauty, and is a unique and valuable contribution to the province’s cultural and economic heritage. Check out our blog post for more information.

Celebrating the Diversity of Canada

Celebrating the diversity of our country is a beautiful way to honour the multicultural fabric that shapes the nation’s core values. From the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic coast, Canada is home to breathtaking natural beauty that’s as diverse as our people. 

Canada has implemented progressive social policies, such as same-sex marriage legalization and the protection of human rights. It has also shown growth, solidarity, recognition and reconciliation for social injustices in our country’s history and present day.

On Canada Day, let’s come together as a nation to celebrate our unity amidst our diversity, to appreciate the vibrant mosaic of cultures that make Canada unique. We can deepen our commitment to reconciliation and foster a society that honours and respects the fabric of our country, shaped by the Indigenous people for generations. 


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