The Fascinating Experience of the AGTA Gemfair Tucson Show

The Fascinating Experience of the AGTA Gemfair Tucson Show

Yahir rivero and llyn strelau agta tucson gem 2024 768x1024

Co-founders Amarjeet Grewal and Yahir Rivero with award-winning jewellery designer Llyn Strelau

An AGTA Member Point of View

Each year, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is one of the most anticipated exhibitions for industry members as more than 65,000 people from around the globe descend upon Tucson. The experience is unmatched in North America as the event is renowned for its comprehensive exhibition of rare and enchanting gems, minerals, and fossils at more than 40 gem show locations across the city. 

Aficionados, collectors, and industry professionals alike come together to celebrate and take part in this showcase. From vibrant crystal formations to rare geological specimens, it’s an opportunity to discover some of Earth’s hidden treasures and natural wonders, like Canadian Ammolite. 

The thrill of attending one of the most celebrated gemstone trade shows of the year can be heard in Iniskim’s President and Co-founder Amarjeet Grewal’s voice.

A seasoned pro exhibiting and attending the premier trades shows in the industry, Amarjeet knows well in advance that the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Gemfair 2024 is a must-see during this highly anticipated exhibition. 

“As a leading supplier in the Ammolite industry, the AGTA GemFair is always at the top of my list,” says Amarjeet. “Not only is it reputable because of the AGTA seminars and special events, but it’s in the top three of the biggest buying shows in Tucson.

I’ve been in the industry for 30 years, and it’s the premier trade show that I always look forward to kicking off the year.”

Yianni melas agta tucson gem 2024

Amarjeet with Yianni Melas, Gem Explorer

History and Importance of the AGTA Gemfair

Several years ago, during the first Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, a transformative event led to the formation of the American Gem Trade Association and shifted the gemstone industry’s landscape. Initially dissatisfied with a limited role in local shows, gemstone dealers sought their own platform. This evolved into a broader aim for self-governance and industry representation, culminating in the AGTA. The first AGTA trade show was in 1981 in a smoky Tucson hotel and has completely transformed into the international event we know today.

Launched by three founding presidents, the association rapidly gained members and credibility, organizing its first successful trade show in less than a year. The AGTA soon became a pivotal voice in the industry for colourful gemstones, introducing ethical standards and educational initiatives. 

AGTA plays a crucial role in promoting and regulating natural coloured gemstones and cultured pearls, impacting various aspects of the trade, from enhancement disclosure to lobbying efforts. The association’s influence extends to creating major gemstone competitions and consumer-focused campaigns, significantly shaping the industry’s evolution. 

Today, the AGTA is a respected authority, welcoming various industry participants, from miners to retailers, and maintaining a global presence.

Sally patel and bella campbell agta tucson gem 2024 768x1024

Amarjeet with Sally Patel, True Blue Opals, and award-winning jewellery designer Bella Campbell.

Iniskim Ammolite: A must-have gemstone

Iniskim’s approach to bringing premium Canadian Ammolite gemstones to light is methodical. As a newer supply leader in the industry, Amarjeet is thoughtful with the connections she’s made over the years. She is ready to build new relationships with buyers for the future, particularly at the Gemfair, and representing Iniskim as a proud AGTA member.

“Ammolite is a niche market that hasn’t been a levelled playing field because it was relatively dominated by only a handful of businesses,” Grewal shares candidly. “As one of the rarest gemstones on earth, Ammolite continues to gain notoriety and gives entrepreneurs, such as myself, an opportunity to be a competitive source to meet that demand.”

Connect with Us in Tucson: Amarjeet is excited to meet with buyers, designers, and fellow industry professionals in attendance and can be contacted directly at +14036175157 or

Once you meet Amarjeet, you’ll likely share her passion for the kaleidoscope of colours and provenance of Ammolite immediately. Her knowledge, dedication and genuine love for Ammolite are what drive Iniskim forward, bringing the gemstone and Ammonite fossils into new markets with sought-after designers and buyers.

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Final thoughts on attending the AGTA GemFair 

AGTA is celebrated as the authority in the industry for coloured gemstone education and for identifying sustainable and ethical practices. The trade show appeals to the experts, the artisans, and those with a discerning eye for premium gems. 

Beyond the bejewelled rows of exhibitors to explore, Grewal enjoys the conversations and collective gatherings that bring much-needed insight into the international coloured gemstone market for the year. There’s also the opportunity to hear what’s new-to-market, updated ethical practices and methods, and up-and-coming jewellery designers.

Iniskim: certified and ethically sourced Ammolite Gemstones

Iniskim is proud to showcase authentic Ammolite to the world. Please contact us for sales and wholesale inquiries. We are a leading and competitive source of premium gemstone-grade Canadian Ammolite and Ammonite fossils that are ethically sourced and personally selected by our team through our trusted mining partners. 

Connect with INISKIM

Follow INISKIM on social media on Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn and YouTube, and visit our online shop. With over 30 years of experience showcasing Ammonite and Ammolite globally, we’re committed to supplying authentic gemstones and fossils while preserving their rich and unique history.

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