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Sharing our passion and expertise of Ammolite with the world

As a leading source of this truly unique gemstone, Iniskim International is proud to showcase Ammolite on a global scale. We share our passion and expertise of authentic Ammolite with the world and its unique origins and qualities. Through our blog, you can learn more about Ammolite, one of the rarest gemstones in the world, and our commitment to preserving its natural beauty and rich history.
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JCK 2023

Iniskim at JCK 2023: A Dazzling Showcase of Gems, Glamour & Global Trends

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the city of Las Vegas plays host.

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An Interview with Amarjeet Grewal: Navigating Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Written by: Stephanie Jo To sit down with Iniskim’s President and co-founder Amarjeet Grewal and.

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Important legacy

A Gemstone Unique to Alberta: Iridescent Ammolite

Ammonite fossils can be found around the world, but one, in particular, produces a gemstone.

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5 Interesting Facts

5 Interesting Facts About Ammolite Gemstone

Are you new to the story of the world’s most colourful gemstone? The natural strokes.

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Ammolite Fossil

71 Million Years in the Making: Ammolite Gemstone & Ammonite Fossil

Natural, brilliant, and rich in history - Iniskim is proud to celebrate the story of.

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Lunar New Year 2023

Celebrate Lunar New Year with the Lucky Colours of Ammolite

How to incorporate Feng Shui and Ammolite into your home As we welcome Lunar New.

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