Earth Day 2023: A Look at How We’re Doing Our Part to Change Environmental Standards in Our Industry

Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023: A Look at How We’re Doing Our Part to Change Environmental Standards in Our Industry

It’s no secret that the beautiful gemstones we hold in our hands have gone through an extensive process that started with mining, including Alberta’s very own brilliant Ammolite gemstone. 

When it comes to the gemstone industry, forward-thinking companies like Iniskim are shifting the focus of mining from condemnation to improvement and responsibility. This narrative is important not only for ensuring sustainable practices but also for protecting the hardworking men and women in the mining industry who face health and safety risks every day. 

From the Earth to the final finished product, our promise is that Iniskim Ammolite gemstone is always ethically sourced. We only work with sources that maintain environmental and ethical mining practices to the highest standards of sustainability.

Ethically Sourced – Iniskim Ammolite Gemstone

In 2004, the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) launched the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative, which set an international standard for ethical mining. As the first mining standard in the world, the TSM initiative pushes for better environmental and social performance. 

Ethical mining includes:

  • Implementing high safety standards to safeguard workers
  • Ensuring workers are paid fair wages
  • Investing in equipment and tools with lower environmental impact

After the introduction of Canada’s TSM, other areas of the world quickly followed by improving their own mining standards. Gemstones procured from ethical mining are now revered by many collectors and buyers who only purchase responsibly-sourced stones. While all mines have some degree of environmental impact, the ethical mining initiative aims to minimize harm to the Earth, to workers and to the public. 

Being that Ammolite is unique to Alberta, Canada, mining this rare gemstone follows our country’s rigorous mining standards. Mining for Ammolite typically involves ‘artisanal’ mines, a term in the industry that refers to smaller mines that utilize methods thought to have the lowest environmental impact. 

When you choose Iniskim Ammolite, you can be sure your investment is an ethical one.

How We Recognize Earth Day

At Iniskim, we believe that change starts with action that impacts the world around you. For us in the gemstone industry, that change begins with holding ourselves accountable to ensure better transparency and integrity with our customers.

As a proud member of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), we’ve undergone the process of receiving ICA’s Ethical Member Accreditation – a recognition that demonstrates our duty to push the gemstone industry forward in the areas of ethical mining and responsible, sustainable trading.

How we recognize Earth Day is really a year-round and lifetime promise to:

  • Only provide ethically-sourced Ammolite
  • Continue to apply best practices as our company grows
  • Prioritize the integrity of our work and high ethical business standards
  • Create positive relationships and environments for our workers, customers, and communities
  • Educate, lead, and advocate best practices to source and supply Ammolite and Ammonite

Mother Earth has gifted us with some of the most stunning gemstones that we are lucky to experience and enjoy. There are steps we can take to ensure a bright future for both the gemstone industry and the Earth. In honour of Earth Day, let’s continue to inspire and demonstrate environmentally-friendly business practices by exploring cutting-edge, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions.

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