ICA’s Impact on the Coloured Gemstone Industry

ICA’s Impact on the Coloured Gemstone Industry

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In the intricate world of coloured gemstones, the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) stands as a beacon that drives positive change and fosters a global community that empowers its members.

As gem, jewellery, and fossil enthusiasts gathered in Tucson last week for the largest gem and mineral show, it’s the perfect moment to shine a spotlight on how ICA has become a catalyst for transformation within the industry, particularly for smaller businesses. It has also paved the way for lesser-known gems like Ammolite to take centre stage.

Over the past year, our journey as an ICA member and accreditation as an Ethical Member has been nothing short of transformative for our budding Ammolite business. The support extended by the association has been invaluable, propelling us forward in the dynamic and intricate world of coloured gemstones.

Here’s a look at the growth of ICA and the benefits we have seen as a member. 

1. A Global Community for Shared Growth:

Founded in 1984, the ICA has grown into a vibrant global network that connects businesses, professionals, and enthusiasts passionate about coloured gemstones. This community-driven approach has created a wide network where knowledge is shared, experiences are exchanged, and collective growth is prioritized.

One of the most significant impacts of ICA is its ability to amplify the voices of lesser-known gemstones. In a world often dominated by a handful of well-known stones, ICA creates a platform for the diverse and unique gems that are not recognized or popular.

Ammolite, Canada’s rare and treasured gemstone, is a prime example of how ICA’s support can propel a gem into international recognition.

2. Elevating Ammolite on the Global Stage:

As a member of ICA, our Ammolite business has experienced firsthand the support of the association. ICA has not only provided us with invaluable resources but it also opened doors to opportunities that have elevated Ammolite’s presence on the global stage.

This experience has been invaluable as we’ve been part of a community that values shared knowledge, fosters collaboration, and celebrates the unique stories each gemstone brings. 

For smaller businesses navigating the complex landscape of the coloured gemstone industry, ICA provides a wealth of resources to support its members. Whether it’s access to market intelligence, networking opportunities, or industry insights, ICA levels the playing field, enabling entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive and succeed in a competitive market.

3. Contributions to InColor Magazine:

Our recent contribution to the ICA InColor Magazine of 2024, marking its 50th issue, was a milestone not only for our business but for the Ammolite industry. The acknowledgment within a globally respected publication speaks volumes about ICA’s commitment to showcasing the richness and diversity of coloured gemstones, regardless of their size or prominence in the market.

The “Amazing Ammolite” article stands as a beacon, illuminating the unique beauty and heritage of Canada’s gemstone on a global stage. It marks a significant achievement for the Ammolite industry, as the article became the first-ever dedicated piece about Canada’s treasured gemstone.

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4. The Exhibition Connection:

Events like the Tucson Gem Show, where ICA plays a central role, provides a dynamic platform for businesses to connect, learn, and showcase their unique offerings. It’s an opportunity to engage with industry leaders, connect with old friends, and forge new relationships that can shape the future of the coloured gemstone trade.

Which is why we’re excited to exhibit at the upcoming HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show from February 27 to March 2, 2024 in the ICA Pavilion. This is set to be a pivotal moment for Iniskim Ammolite as we prepare to showcase our premium Ammolite and Ammonite in an Iniskim-branded booth for the first time.

Did you know? You can find Iniskim at the upcoming HKTDC 2024 Show, Hall 8, ICA Pavillion, Booth #8-F34. Connect with President Amarjeet Grewal ahead of the show to book a meeting.

While President and Co-founder Amarjeet Grewal brings significant experience to the table, particularly in Hong Kong, this marks a milestone for Iniskim. Our presence serves as a spark for future growth. The connections made, feedback received, and brand visibility established during the event will lay the groundwork for continued success and expansion.

5. A Platform for Diversity

ICA has become a cornerstone for positive change within the industry. Its impact resonates not only in the support provided to smaller businesses but also in its role as a champion for diversity.

The inaugural Women in ICA breakfast at the Tucson Show in 2023 was a groundbreaking event and powerful platform that not only celebrated diversity but marked a significant stride forward for the ICA. Women were acknowledged for their impact and role in shaping the industry,particularly in a male-dominated industry. 

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It recognized the achievements of women across various facets of the coloured gemstone trade, from mining to design, and emphasized their significant impact on the industry’s growth and evolution.

ICA initiated a dialogue that encourages ongoing conversations and actions to foster a more diverse and inclusive industry. It set a precedent for future events and initiatives to showcase that the organization values diversity and supports the advancement of all its members, regardless of gender.

Proud Members of ICA

We celebrate the transformative power of ICA, a force that continues to shape the narrative of coloured gemstones worldwide. Here’s to the continued success and unwavering support of the ICA community. Together, we shine brighter, reflecting the brilliance of Ammolite in the captivating world of coloured gemstones.

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